Grow Where You’re Planted: Collected Stories on the Hallmarks of Maturing Church

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Missional communities, whatever form they take, face the challenge of growing up. But too often leaders either invest too little in ecclesial development, or they try to copy the growth metrics of other churches or communities that are “successful.”

In Grow Where You’re Planted, the authors describe a set of hallmarks common to maturing churches that can be used by any missional community to discern their unique plan for growth. And the book is actually based around individual stories of how various Communitas projects and partner churches are each wrestling around a given hallmark to aid their own maturing. It takes discernment and intentionality to foster church health and maturing, and this book provides some rails on which those can ride to help missional communities grow up to be all that God intends them to be.

“This collaborative book is comprised of hard-won insights of practitioners of missional church planting from all over the Western world. A good mix of theological reflection and practical advice, this is a very useful book for church planters everywhere.” 

—Alan Hirsch