Becoming Dad


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Within weeks of getting pregnant, Kelly Crull’s wife had a stack of parenting books waiting on his nightstand, complete with neat, hand-written bookmarks telling him which chapters he needed to read. In nine months, he had learned everything about his wife giving birth, becoming a mother, and how he could support her. What he wanted and couldn’t find was a book by a normal guy telling him about becoming a dad. The last thing he needed was more expert advice, a ten-step plan or fancy pie charts. He just wanted someone to give it to him straight, “What was parenting going to be like for him?” Becoming Dad is the book he wanted and couldn’t find.

“This is the type of book that I wish that I would have had when I first found out that I was going to be a father. You will laugh in many points and even be brought to emotional realizations of the experiences that Kelly is sharing overall. I loved the unique nature of this book, being written more as a diary than as a chapter book. What this does is open the door for the reader to be able to get a true glimpse into the day-to-day experiences of a new father.”

—Dad of Divas

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