Book deal: Washed Ashore

Book deal: Washed Ashore

It’s official! I have a book deal. Washed Ashore: Making Art from Ocean Plastic will be published by Lerner Books in 2022.…/85030-rights-report…

I was visiting the Como Zoo with my family in Minneapolis in 2018 when we came across this enormous, colorful sculpture of a parrotfish. As we walked closer, I realized the sculpture was actually made out of thousands of pieces of ocean plastic. The sculpture was beautiful, and so were the plastic pieces of every shape and color fit together like a mosaic, but it was also revolting as I noticed all the plastic items in the sculpture that I used every day in my home.

We’ve all heard about the problem of ocean plastic. It’s often in the news. And quite frankly…it’s depressing, which is why I found the sculptures at the zoo so interesting. They weren’t depressing. They were beautiful and fun, even silly, and also challenged me to think about the impact I was making with the plastic I use every day.

Before I left the Como Zoo, I had decided to make this exhibit into a picture book. Not everyone will be able to visit the exhibit in person, but now they will be able to look at the book at the library or at home and even share it with a friend.

Washed Ashore is the community arts project based in Bandon, Oregon that has created more than 80 marine animal sculptures. If you haven’t seen these sculptures in person, check out their website. You won’t believe it until you see it!

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