Clara Has a Baby Brother

Clara Has a Baby Brother

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Clara has a new baby brother, and he gets lot of attention. Clara admits her baby brother is very cute, but reassured herself that he can’t do things she can do, like brushing her teeth, putting on her pajamas and picking out bedtime stories.Clara concludes that her baby brother can’t do very many things, and that’s why he needs a big sister to help him.

Clara is a bilingual child that tells her story in English and Spanish. Full-color photography and a child’s point of view help soon-to-be older siblings identify with Clara.

Ages 2-up.

“The combination of beautiful pictures with playful vignettes relevant to the life of a young child who has (or is about to) become an older sibling makes this book a treasure. Add to that the education-impact of multiple languages and this becomes a very useful book. Lastly, it is very cute and shows how an older sibling can express a positive attitude to the new arrival and with love.”


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